Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fully Involved by Amy Briggs

Title: Fully Involved
Author: Amy Briggs
Series: Brotherhood of District 23
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: August 30, 2016
Edition/Format: 1st Edition/eBook
Source: Amazon Purchased
Rating: 4 Stars 

Blurb: Isabel Cruise spends her days investigating crimes as a detective, and her nights hoping for a man who will finally satisfy her sexual cravings. Hiding her deep desires was easy until she let herself go one night with the sexy Matt Cavanaugh, a no-strings-attached firefighter who brings just the right amount of dominance that she’s been looking for. 
Refusing to give into the idea of a real connection, an arsonist on the loose creates a divide that threatens to destroy them before they ever get started. With all clues leading to a perpetrator at Matt’s station, Isabel is forced to investigate Matt and the other firefighters at District 23. 
Will Matt and Isabel have a chance to make a real connection beyond their steamy encounters, or will she have to prosecute one of the firefighters, ruining any chance for something more? 
**This book is intended for ages 18+ due to adult situations and graphic scenes
 Review:  In this spinoff tale from “Fired Up”, we get to know Brian’s brother, Matt, and detective, Isabel Cruise.  I really loved this story!!! I love Matt’s little notes and quirks that make him the way that he is.  I love how Isabel gives up control for him and breaks the rules.  Matt is very dominating and yet still gentle for her.
I also love seeing farther into Brian and Jo’s relationship, and how it grows.  I am also glad that Jo still holds onto her strong personality regardless of circumstance.  I’m happy that Matt is still a great friend to both Jo and Brian, and helps by giving much needed advice.
The drawback I noticed in this book is that the ending felt a little rushed but I am sure we’ll see more of these two in the third installment, “Controlled Burn”.  I also felt as if the whole Matt/Isabel/Jax scenario was a little anticlimactic, but am still happy with how everything ended up.

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