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Twisted Sister Book Club Blog does not charge for reviews, nor does the blog receive discounts, favors or any other type of rewards in exchange of favorable reviews. We do not guarantee any favorable reviews either. Reviews are strictly our opinion and in no way will we be swayed otherwise.

Images used in posts are taken from the web (mainly Amazon, Author's Sites, Goodreads or from Stock Sites)  We have no claims to them and have no intention of calling them our own. We are simply borrowing them to enhance the visual appeal of our blog. If we have used any of your images and you'd like for us to remove it from our blog, then we will do so with no rebuttal.

Other illustrations (blog header, buttons, etc.) are designed by me Anna for Twisted Sisters Book Club Blog . Please do not take our designs and re-use as your own without consulting me first.


Ratings are done in a fair manner based on the half scale of 1-5+, and we always take the following into consideration:

How we feel about the overall story, the writing, characters, setting and descriptions. Other issues like typos or minor errors will not affect our rating as a whole, especially if the story interests us enough. But Reviews posted here will be the same reviews we have posted to or are going to post to our original blogs.
5+ ~ Blew Me AWAY Fan FREAKIN tastic From Cover to Cover
5 ~ Perfect. Absolutely amazing, exciting, and never a dull moment.
4.5 ~ Was such a good book just not quite a full 5.
4 ~ The story was enjoyable.
3.5 ~ Had numerous redeeming qualities looking forward to more by this author.
3 ~ There were several things off-putting but the plot kept my interest to finish reading.
2.5 ~  It was okay just not for me
2 ~ The story had too many issues and couldn't win me over.
1.5 ~ Just didn't like the story (Rarely do I rate a book 1.5 star) No Review


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